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Album, 2018

Horizons invites you to discover both religious and spiritual. Navigating between the different eras of classical music, this disc explores the universes created from scratch by passionate composers.


Once is not custom, the Sottovoce Ensemble has the chance to present in its program new creations. Excerpts from Motet de Lérins, a play written in 2015 by French composer Michel Bosc for the Ensemble Sottovoce, are thus included in this disc. The program is also enriched with small psalms by the Japanese composer Nobuya Monta, or an a cappella piece written by the Kosovar composer Memli Kelmendi, these two pieces having been written especially for the Sottovoce Ensemble.


Resolutely committed to putting the work of modern composers into perspective, the Sottovoce Ensemble invites you to also discover arrangements of traditional tunes, such as Scarborough Fair or the famous Hallelujah by Léonard Cohen. They will offer you a different listening to these masterpieces known to all.


Mastering: Nicolas HAEZEBAERT

Horizons (2018)

Sacred Anniversary

Album, 2017

For its fifth anniversary, the Sottovoce Ensemble offers a new season full of surprises and novelties. From past to new, this new program offers a look back at some emblematic pieces interpreted over the years, but also gives pride of place to creation with new pieces and a composition specially written by the French composer Michel Bosc (born in 1963) for the Sottovoce Ensemble, as in the 2012 musical season.


Mastering: Nicolas HAEZEBAERT

Sacré Anniversaire (2017)

At Dusk

Album, 2016

When the sun goes down and the night appears, a thousand and one colors invade the sky and the parent of a thousand lights. Duets, trios, quartet and quintet, in this album "Au Crépuscule", the numbers and the eras follow one another to always surprise the listener.


Mixing and sound recording: Tristan Fourault.

This recording was made during the 2015 summer public performances of the Sottovoce Ensemble in the Churches of Ploemeur and Arradon.

Au Crépuscule (2016)