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 Michel BOSC 

In creation

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This musical creation project takes the form of an interactive narrative between a children's choir and a quartet of soloists around the world of the Danish novelist Hans Andersen (1805-1875).


Prolific author, he writes more than a hundred tales of which certain stories will become famous (The Snow Queen, the Ugly Little Carnard, The Vaillant Soldier of Lead, the Little Mermaid).


In this piece, written by French composer Michel BOSC, the characters from the world of Andersen come to life, starting with the storyteller himself. There follows a dialogue with a children's choir around its stories and its characters, a dream cradled in enchantment, adventure and twists and turns.


Technical elements:

33 minutes

Staff of a solo vocal quartet, a children's choir (2 voices), a pianist and a choir organ (or numeric keyboard if not).

Piece by composer Michel Bosc freely inspired by the world of Hans Andersen.
As part of our 2021 musical season, we are actively looking for a children's choir or a voluntary master's degree to create this work. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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